Reading on Purpose: Close Reading Strategies for Critical Analysis of Complex Text

Duration: 2-4 Hours 


To ensure students are college and career ready, students must learn how to own a text by becoming analytic readers rather than feeling overwhelmed by challenging texts. This session will focus on close reading strategies to help teach students how to critically read any complex text in any subject. Students will own the texts and not let the text own them!

The participant will:

  • Identify close reading strategies
  • Understand the importance of reading precisely across discipline areas
  • Practice activities that strengthen teacher capacity to incorporate close reading strategies in Common Core
  • Apply strategies learned

Dr. Edwards will provide concrete techniques that can be used immediately! With the push for rigor, teaching literacy is no longer only emphasized in the English/ Language Arts classroom; there is a push for incorporating complex, informational text across content areas. This hand on workshop provides teachers with the necessary tools to deliver engaging and quality instruction to encourage student achievement and sharpen teaching practices.

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