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New Teacher Mentoring Program!!

Some focus areas:

o Setting up classroom routines
o Classroom management discussions (Interventions and Strategies) o Parent-teacher communication o Formative Assessment methods
o Lesson planning and delivery o Instructional strategies and resources for ALL students o Differentiation o Co-Teaching o Gifted and Special Education Students o Data-Driven Decision Making

Please note that iCoach Teachers maintains confidentiality in the mentor/mentee relationship.

Hello colleague! Welcome to the World of Teaching! Are you interested in our New Teacher Mentorship Program? Glad you are. Great things are in store, and I am elated that you are interested in joining this program; I am excited to work with you!

Why a mentoring program? My first year of teaching was very rewarding; however, it did not start that way. I felt like a fish out of water. What do I teach first? Am I supposed to be mean the first few weeks of school like everyone says? How should I set up my room? Which rules and consequences do I want to enforce?

Because many of my colleagues had years and even decades of experience, they sometimes spoke over my head and I simply felt overwhelmed. Teacher accountability, meetings, dealing with parents, grading papers, managing my classroom, planning engaging lessons was just a few things I had to manage. It wasn’t until my Mentor reached out to me, only then did the game change! I was now in the swing of things! My mentor modeled lessons, aided with planning instruction, and provided much resources and support when I was in need. Because of this foundation, I was able to build upon it and it took me further than I could have imagined! That is what I want for you!

The Goal: The goal of this mentorship program is to provide you with support, advice and guidance that will enhance teaching practices and student achievement. Chalkbeat.org conducted three studies that offer real evidence that good teaching can be passed down, in a sense, from mentor teacher to student teacher. In several cases, they find that the performance of the student teachers once they have their own full-time classrooms corresponds to the quality of the teacher they trained under.

Teachers changes lives, and I want your transition into classroom leader to be a good one for you. The selection pool is limited. Take advantage of this FREE opportunity!

Program duration: **active 12 weeks (Sept. 2019-Nov. 2019)


  • must have 0-1 year of experience

  • must have a computer and participate in virtual check-ins

  • must be open, willing, and ready!

  • must be open to feedback to continue to enhance professional growth

iCoach Teachers looks forward to working with you!