When instructional strategies are tied to the needs and interests of students, learning is enhanced.  Instructional strategies should be directly tied to the curriculum, desired student outcomes, and classroom assessments.

Cognitive Rigor Matrix Article

What exactly do “fewer, clearer, and higher standards” really look like in the classroom? Using a cognitive rigor matrix to analyze curriculum, plan lessons, and implement assessments 

Formative Assessment

Adjust teaching and learning as it happens by using these strategies. Use creative ways to formatively assess student understanding.

Build student success with these useful strategies!

DOK Bloom

How do we create rich, challenging environments where students ability are maximized? Categorize tasks through complexity.

High Yield Effective Strategies

These strategies have the greatest positive affect on student achievement for all students, in all subject areas, at all grade levels

Constructed Responses are written across content areas. Use this form that includes a rubric for students to measure if their writing is up to par.

DOK Question Stems

Include higher level questions by using these Depth of Knowledge stems. Make a copy and attach to your clipboard  to be used as a reference as you teach. 

Instructional Framework

Use this Insructional Framework to help your class transition from the beginning, middle, and end.

Use this technique to assess student learning at the end of a lesson.