Culturally Proficient Teachers
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Culturally Proficient Teachers

  • Fayetteville, Georgia

Cultural Proficiency is an integral part of molding the school environment. Being proficient is the highest level of knowledge-based skills and  understanding to be successful while teaching a diverse population of students.

Being culturally proficient requires one to conduct ongoing self assessments and reflect on their own beliefs and how those same beliefs can enhance on interfere with the academic and social success of students.

Leaders in Literacy: Literacy Design Collaborative
Jun 30

Leaders in Literacy: Literacy Design Collaborative

  • Atlanta, GA 30363

The Leaders in Literacy convening is a chance for partners in the LDC community to share high-leverage best practices for scaling and implementing the most successful classroom instructional practices, implementing LDC with quality and consistency, and building LDC as part of your own sustainable revenue model.