Classroom Management and Centennials

Duration: 2-4 Hours 


A new generation of students have entered our classrooms! This is the generation who only knows life with smart phones, Google search, and Siri. What generation are you? How can the mismatch of generations interfere  with classroom management?Demonstrate strong classroom management techniques and maximize class instruction by enhancing the teaching and learning experience for students. Managing a class is not always simple. You don’t begin teaching and everyone suddenly quiets down. You don’t ask that everyone pay attention and it happens instantaneously. Sometimes it takes a loud voice, a whistle, a flicking of the lights. Even then, some students won’t join the bandwagon and get quiet. Unfortunately,there is no secret magic trick to sprinkle over your classroom to make students behave as you desire. However, there are unique strategies and techniques that will limit distractions and encourage positive behavior among this generation of students in hopes that it becomes contagious to the masses. 

The participant will:

  • Identify the characteristics of effective teachers.

  • Describe the characteristics of great classroom management.

  • Explain the importance of building strong relationships with students in order for effective teaching to consistently occur.

  • Evaluate current rules and procedures for effectiveness.

  • Demonstrate an ability to implement appropriate discipline strategies

  • Practice approaches that support a positive classroom environment.

  • Apply strategies learned

This interactive workshop is designed to help teachers develop, organize and consistently manage the learning environment. Strategies can be integrated into any grade level or content area. The course will provide ready to use ideas and strategies that can be integrated into any classroom setting and will impact student achievement.