Summer off or on?

We are almost there! Hold on! The end of the school year is a joyous occasion for teachers. It is a well deserved and much needed break. Some people think we spend the summer sipping mimosas and sleeping in. Although that may occur a few times, ok, more than a few times, teachers are still at work preparing for the upcoming year. We are attending summer workshops and trainings, teaching summer school, creating new and better lessons, reviewing the previous years do and don't's, looking at the curriculum, learning new technologies, and forming our classroom themes, to name a few. The summer can become busy.

Teaching kids for nine months straight is tiring and to be honest, if another month or even week was added to the school year, I'm not sure how many would make it. I would really have to look into my personal days and begin to schedule some!

Teachers, I know we always want to be prepared for our upcoming students, but take some time for yourself, and enjoy your break. Choose a couple of days out each week to focus on the new year, but make sure to take time for yourself. Some teachers teach summer school or have second jobs. Take it as easy as possible. There is nothing worse than teacher burnout.

Some people think teachers get the summer off; however, the green light is always on for us. We are real deal life long teachers and learners. I can see something on television, in a store, or online and an idea may spark. I'll write it down to revisit it later. Learning never stops, especially when trying to perfect your craft.

So cheers to my fellow educators on a job well done. You have gone through another year and have molded the minds of tomorrow's children. 

Don't have any shame taking advantage of your "break." You deserve it. 

I hope these few words find you well!

-Dr. E