Parents are teachers, too!

Watching television with kids can be frustrating. They like to talk through the show, ad-lib, and ask questions! Sometimes, too many questions. I may answer one or two, but when they start disturbing the flow of my show, I turn it around on them. (Thank God for DVR's; that pause button is the best thing since sliced bread!)

Teach children to use their reasoning skills; they won't even realize they are actually learning. Comprehension and inferential skills are an invaluable skill to have. When they ask "what just happened" or make statements such as "I must have missed something,"  turn it around on them and ask them to verbalize their thoughts. Beat them to the punch by asking them questions. Listen to what they are saying. Are they right on, or right off? Use that as a teaching moment. Here are some ways that can be done.

Pause the show and ask them to make predictions on what will happen while using clues. After a show, have them summarize it making sure to include relevant details. Do this orally or in written expression. Allow them to use adjectives to describe the characters, or ask them if any of the characters remind them of anyone they know and why. This is making a connection. Have them use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast characters, events, or shows in detail. Ask them to infer, or read between the lines, how the character felt when....Or, ask them to formulate, or come up with an opinion about the issue and come up with a solution.

Use these moments to teach and this will encourage discussions. Even at bedtime, if their is a story time ask them questions so they can think deeply about a text.

I hope these few words find you well!

Dr. E