Increasing Test Scores with 12 Power Words

Based on Larry Bell's 12 Powerful Words - An orignal parody and musical cover of Pink's "Perfect".

Let's help close the achievement gap by teaching the 12 Power Words! It doesn't matter the grade or content area; these are the common words that cause students to crumble if students are not familiar with these terms and the ways in which we use them. Knowing these words can in fact cause students to answer questions correctly. Teach these words to your students by familiarizing the words with them on a DAILY BASIS. A one time lesson will cause a temporary understanding. Common Core encourages academic rigor; therefore by incorporating these words daily, it will in return increase test scores, cognitive abilities, and the child's over all academic achievement!

To help students feel better acquainted with the words, implement them into tests, class assignment, and homework assignments. Model these words through various instructional techniques.

  1. Trace - List in Steps

  2. Analyze- Break apart

  3. Infer-Read between the lines

  4. Evaluate- Judge

  5. Formulate-Create

  6. Describe-Tell about

  7. Support- Back up with details

  8. Explain-Tell How

  9. Summarize- Give me a short version

  10. Compare-All the ways they are alike

  11. Contrast-All the ways they are different

  12. Predict- What will happen next


I hope these few words find you well!

Dr. E